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“Childhood Stunting, Wasting, and Obesity, as the Critical Global Health Issues: Forging Cross-Sectoral Solutions”

Date : November 18-19, 2020
Venue : Solo, Indonesia
E-ISBN : 978-623-90032-7-2



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Topic II: Health Promotion and Behavior
Factors Associated with Early Detection Behavior on Breast Cancer among Women in Reproductive Age using SADANIS Method

Silvia Rizki Syah Putri, Widayati, Moneca Diah L

Page : 112


Health Belief Model Approach on the Prevention of HIV/AIDS among Pregnant Women in Madiun, East Java

Wida Rahma Arwiyantasari, Budi Laksana

Page : 113


Association between Compliance Level on Fixed-Dose Combination Antiretroviral Drug and CD4 Level among HIV Patients

Fadhil Ilham Mustafa, Nurfitri Bustamam, Andri Pramesyanti

Page : 114


The Effectiveness of Health Promotion on Increasing the Knowledge of Covid-19 among Islamic High School Students in Depok, West Java

Yanti Harjono Hadiwiardjo, Sri Wahyuningsih, Pritha Maya Savitri

Page : 115


Factors Relating to Knowledge about Gastritical Swamedcation among Students at Pondok Hidayatussalikin Pangkalpinang

Rachmawati Felani Djuria

Page : 116


Relationship between Snacks and Beverages with the Nutritional Status among 'SAD' Children in Nyogan Village, Muaro Jambi, Jambi Province

Ummi Kalsum, Hendra Dhermawan Sitanggang

Page : 117


Family's Role on Stunting among Children in Bojong Jaya Village, Tangerang, Banten

Roichatul Djannah, Siti Maisaroh

Page : 118


Association between Pocket Money Availability and Frequency of Fast-Food Consumption toward Overnutrition Case among Junior High School Student, South Jakarta

Dias Puspitaning Mawarni, Lisa Safira, Citra Ayu Aprilia

Page : 119


The Effectiveness of Mobile Application as Educational Intervention to Prevent Stunting: A Systematic Review

Naenda Stasya, Wahyu Sulistiadi

Page : 120


Physical Activity Pattern among Students of Health Sciences in Yogyakarta

Indriani, Ade Rachma Safira, Ummy Aisyiyah N

Page : 121


Implementation of Home Visit Programs in Improving Nutritional Status of Under-Five Children in Developing Countries: A Scoping Review

Siti Zakiah Zulfa, Cesa Septiana Pratiwi

Page : 122


Relationship of Number of Children with Early Menopause

Iftah Tazkiyah, Sudarto Ronoatmodjo

Page : 123


The Association between Food Hygiene and the Escherichia Coli Contamination on School Snack at Elementary School in Cakung Subdistrict, East Jakarta

Hanifatun Nisa Ath Thoriqoh, Budi Haryanto, Ela Laelasari

Page : 124


The Effect of Electric Cigarette Nicotine Levels on Peak Expiratory Flow in Vape User Communities, South Jakarta

Hesketh Hans, Mila Citrawati, Citra Ayu Aprilia

Page : 125


Experience of Students in the Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools: A Scoping Review

Menik Mutiarini, Rosmita Nuzuliana

Page : 126


Implementation of Immunization Services for the Under-Five Children during Covid-19 Pandemic at Twano Community Health Center, Jayapura

Goklian Paraduan Haposan, Pujiyanto

Page : 127


Factors Associated with Dating Behavior of Adolescents in North Coastal Line, West Java


Page : 128


The Effect of Education through Google Meet Media on Knowledge and Attitude about Balanced Diet in Youth during Covid-19 Pandemic in Medan, North Sumatera

Septo Tepriandy, R. Kintoko Rochadi, Etti Sudaryati

Page : 129


Relationship between Water Hardness and Incidence of Stunting in Brati District, Central Java

Bara Kharisma, Victoria Sari, Amelia Khasanah

Page : 130


The Effect of Health Education on Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Towards Knowledge and Attitudes of Overweight Adolescents

Li Solihah, Amelia Arnis

Page : 131


The Pattern of Snack And Beverage Concumption for Suku Anak Dalam (Sad) Children in The Trans Social Area of Nyogan Village, Muaro Jambi, Jambi Province

Hendra Dhermawan Sitanggang, Ummi Kalsum

Page : 132


Risk Factors of Noised Induced Hearing Loss in Workers at Beveling Unit in Industry X, Bekasi, West Java

Annisaur Rohmatun Jannah, Aulia Chairani, Yanti Harjono

Page : 133


Effect of Hypnoparenting on Nutritional Status in Preschool Age Children at Al-Fathir Kindergarten, Tangerang, Banten

Diani Maryani, Liza Anggraeni

Page : 134


Mixed Method Study on Evaluation of the Impact of the Family Hope Program on Birth Weight in Nganjuk, East Java

Ratna Frenty Nurkhalim, Sukamdi, Djauhar Ismail

Page : 135


Application Development of Inspection of Fire Protection Equipment, First Aid Kit and Incident Reporting Case Study

Ike Pertiwi Windasari, Jojor Kakanda Purba, Dania Eridani, Risma Septiana, Manik Mahachandra

Page : 136


Effect of Early Menarche on Reproductive Health: A Scoping Review

Hanny Wulandari, Dwi Ernawati

Page : 137


Sex Education Strategy for Adolescents: A Scoping Review

Yustika Rahmawati Pratami, Nurul Kurniati

Page : 138


Experience of Adolescent Mothers During Pregnancy: A Scoping Review

Sumarni, Farida Kartini

Page : 139


Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique to Increase Hamstring Muscle Flexibility in Adolescents

Afif Ghufroni, Jasmine Kartiko Pertiwi

Page : 140


Relationship Between Family Support and Self- Efficacy among Pregnant Women in Yogyakarta

Sumiati, Evi Nurhidayati

Page : 141


Relationship Between Fast Food Diet and Body Mass Index in Vocational Students at Universitas Respati, Yogyakarta

A.A. Putri Melastini, Dewi Setyaningsih, Nonik Ayu Wantini

Page : 142


Compliance Characteristics of Community Health Assistant Cadre in Implementing Health Protocols During Covid-19 Pandemic

Sri Wahyuningsih, Hany Yusmaini, Erna Harfiani, Meiskha Bahar

Page : 143


Caregiver Coping Mechanism in Providing Care for Dependent Elderly People in Pakuncen, Yogyakarta

Maharani Dyah Kusumastuti, The Maria Meiwati Widagdo, Mitra Andini Sigilipoe

Page : 144


Evaluation of Hiv-Aids Prevention Program in Homosexual Men in Jambi

Hubaybah, Adelina Fitri

Page : 145


Hiv/ Aids Prevention Program: A Mixed Method Study on the Implementation of Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services at Primary Health Center, Jambi

Hubaybah, Evy Wisudariani, Usi Lanita

Page : 146


Effect of Health Education with Flip Chart and Video on Knowledge about Early Detection of Cervical Cancer in Women of Reproductive Age in Nganjuk District, East Java

Ike Nurrochmawati, Ambar Dwi Retnoningrum, Remita Yuli Kusumaningrum

Page : 147


Effect of Balanced Diet Education with Media Comic on Modification of Eating Behavior in Adolescents at Middle School, Malang

Rani Nurmayanti, I Nengah Tanu Komalyna, Sugeng Iwan Setyobudi Maryam Razak

Page : 148


Youth Health Smartphone Application "TEENFIT" in Increasing Adolescent Knowledge about Anemia, in Bantul, Yogyakarta

Tuti Rohani, Hartono, Muhammad Akhyar, Sri Mulyani

Page : 149


Effectiveness of Holistic Self Care to Overcome Work-Related Skeletal Muscle Disorder in Palm Workers Using Harvasting Tool Dodos: A Systematic Review

Siti Umairah, Vanessa Adela Putri, Rosyida, Raihanatu Binqalbi Ruzain

Page : 150


The Mediation Effect of Health Behavior on the Relationship Between Maternal Depression and Maternal-Fetal Attachment

Rufidah Maulina, Su-Chen Kuo, Chieh Yu Liu, Yu-Ying Lu

Page : 151


The Association of Family Characteristics and Local Support (Servant Leadership) in Tb Case Finding among People Living with Hiv Aids in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Chatarina Umbul Wahyuni, Erni Astutik, Imelda F.E. Manurung

Page : 152


Application of Health Belief Model and Theory of Planned Behavior on Factors Affecting Breast Self Examination among University Students

Asruria Sani Fajriah, Supriyadi Hari Respati, Bhisma Murti

Page : 153


Effect of Peer-Based Intervention on Unwanted Pregnancy Prevention Behavior in Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis

Denanda Agnes Safitri, Setyo Sri Rahardjo, Bhisma Murti

Page : 154


Analysis of Online Reproductive Health Learning in Elementary School Students

Nur Laili Qomariah, Wafda Ardhian Latansyadiena, Indriana WIdya Puspitasari

Page : 155


Effectiveness of Audiovisual-Based Training on Basic Life Support Knowledge of Students in Bengkulu

Ida Rahmawati, Dwi Putri Sulistya Ningsih

Page : 156


Occupational Illness Due to Ergonomic Factors in Textile Industry Workers

Pamogsa Daniyar, Edo Riyandani, Vitri Widyaningsih

Page : 157


The Effectiveness of Web-Based Health Promotion Intervention on Fruits Consumption in Children in America, Australia, And Europe

Sinar Perdana Putra, Yulia Lanti Retno Dewi, RB. Soemanto

Page : 158


A Meta Anaysis on the Association Between Family Behavior of Smoking and Smoking Behavior in Adolescents

Florida Betty Apriliyani, Agus Kristiyanto, Bhisma Murti

Page : 159


Difference of Knowledge Toward Hiv/Aids in Adolescents in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Mario Febrianus Helan Sani, Nanda Agustian Simatupang

Page : 160


Factors Affecting the Use of Personal Protective Equipment among Workers at A Plywood Plants, in Lumajang, East Java: Application of Health Belief Model and Social Cognitive Theory

Bayu Putra Dewantara, Bhisma Murti, Vitri Widyaningsih

Page : 161


Breakfast and Hemoglobin Level among Female Junior High School Student In Surakarta, Central Java

Ropitasari, Fanny Kartika F, Rachmi Fauziah R, Sri Anggarini

Page : 162


Factors Associated with Non Smoking Behavior in High School Students in Bantul, Yogyakarta: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior

Roviana Nurda Agustin, Endang Sutisna Sulaeman, Hanung Prasetya

Page : 163


Factors Affecting Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior in Malang, East Java

Fitria Diyah Ayu Pangerti, Pawito, Hanung Prasetya

Page : 164


Factors Affecting the Use Of Personal Protective Equipment among Tobacco Farmers: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior in Temanggung, Central Java

Yovita Eka Ratna Kumala, Setyo Sri Rahardjo, Endang Sutisna Sulaeman

Page : 165


Path Analysis on the Determinants of Tertiary Preventive Behavior among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior And Social Cognitive Theory

Yudi Andriyaningtiyas, Didik Gunawan Tamtomo, Bhisma Murti

Page : 166


The Effect of Bullying on Depression in Adolescents in Surakarta: Application of Health Belief Model

Kiyat Sudrajad, RB. Soemanto, Hanung Prasetya

Page : 167


Personal and Social Factors Affecting the Preventive Behavior among Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia

Nur Aida Yuliana, Pawito, Bhisma Murti

Page : 168


Application of Social Cognitive Theory on The Determinants of Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice in Madiun, East Java

Rezyana Budi Syahputri, Pawito, Bhisma Murti

Page : 169


Influences of Peer Support Group and Psychosocio- Economic Determinants on Treatment Compliance in Hiv/Aids Patients in Sragen, Central Java

Yusuf Bachtiyar Lobis, Bhisma Murti, Hanung Prasetya

Page : 170


Biopsychosocial Determinants of Tertiary Preventive Behaviors among Patients with Hypertension in Sragen, Central Java

Very Retnowati, Pawito, Bhisma Murti

Page : 171


The Effects of Iron Tablet Program, Intrapersonal, and Social Factors On Nutrition Intake to Prevent Anemia in Female Adolescents in Yogyakarta

Ailsa Clarissa Cynara, Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari, Bhisma Murti

Page : 172


Health Belief Model on Determinant of Caries Preventive Behavior: Evidence on Klaten Central Java

Dewi Mustika Ratih, Yulia Lanti Retno Dewi, Bhisma Murti

Page : 173


Factors Affecting Healthy Behavior among Primary School Children: Application of Health Belief Model

Frida Indriani, Pawito, Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari

Page : 174


The Effect of Physical Activity on the Depression: A Meta-Analysis

Dyah Mubarokah Ahadiyati, Didik Gunawan Tamtomo, Vitri Widyaningsih

Page : 175


Reliability Tests on Dietary Intake, Physical Activity, Social Support, and Social Cognitive Questionnaires of Overweight And Obesity in Female Adolescents

Yeti Rahelli1), Agus Kristiyanto2), Bhisma Murti1)

Page : 176


Factors Affecting Smoking Behavior High School Children in Dumai, Riau: Application of Theory Planned Behavior

Shilfia Ulfa Islami, Hanung Prasetya, Bhisma Murti

Page : 177


Application of Health Belief Model to Explain Dental and Oral Preventive Health Behavior among Primary School Children in Ponorogo, East Java

Fahma Widya Kusumawardhani, Harsono Salimo, Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari

Page : 178


The Effect of Self Efficacy on Voluntary Counseling and Testing of Hiv in Homosexual: A Meta-Analysis

Yuli Astuti, Yulia Lanti Retno Dewi, Bhisma Murti

Page : 179


Association between Pregnancy Postterm Diagnosis Code Accuracy and National Health Insurance Reimbursement Regularity

Eni Nur Rahmawati, Maya Milenia Atlantic

Page : 180


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