Poster Presentation

Poster Best Western SoloThis program provides an opportunity for all honorable researchers in epidemiology and public health from Indonesia and all over the world, to present and discuss results of their stuides on the relationship between bio-psycho-social factors as stated in SDGs and the distribution of population health. Policy makers related to SDGs, program planners, administrators, practitioners, public health professionals, can use the study results in policy making, program planning, prpram implementation, and decision making. The conference calls for research papers in the following areas:

  1. Social Epidemiology
  2. Life-Course Epidemiology
  3. Nutritional Epidemiology
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Behavioral Epidemiology
  6. Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
  7. Environmental Epidemiology
  8. Urban Health

Research papers eligible for submission are not restricted to the areas delineated above. All research authors are kindly encouraged to submit their research papers in any topic as long as it addresses pubic health and SDG issues.

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