Registration Requirement

There are four types of ICPH participants: (1) Authors of research paper: (2) Workshop participants; (3) Listeners of panel discussion and symposium; (4) Some or all of them. A participant of ICPH can be any of the four types. These types of participants correspond to the ICPH programs, which include: (1) Panel discussion and symposium; (2) Workshop; (3) Oral presentation; and (4) Poster presentation. The ICPH programs will be held in 2 days, i.e. August 29-30, 2018. Day 1 consists of panel discussion and symposium sessions. A participant can listen and discuss the topics offered at these sessions, without the need to submit an abstract, poster, or full paper. Day 2 programs include workshop, oral presentation, and poster presentation. These programs are held parallel in time. Therefore it allows a participant to join in all of the programs. For example, it is possible that a participant joins in one topic of Cluster A workshop, then shifts to another in Cluster B Workshop, before or after he/ she gives an oral presentation. All honorable participants, please read carefully this registration procedure and proceed step by step to register, as follows:

  1. A participant of the ICPH needs to register online via in order to be registered and to obtain the login. With this login, a participant, for example, can upload the manuscript of abstract, poster, or full paper of his/ her own to present at the ICPH.
  2. The participant needs to provide and fill his/ her information into the registration form. The registration form is available in the submenu Registration Form, menu Registration at
  3. As an alternative, a participant may register in person at the ICPH Secretariat, with address as follows:  The ICPH Secretariat: Graduate Studies in Public Health, Graduate Program, Sebelas Maret University, Jl. Ir. Sutami 36 A, Surakarta 57126, Indonesia. Telepon: (62 271)  632450 ext 208 . Email: Website:
  4. Please specify your participant account type in filling out the registration form online, i.e. either (1) Author; (2) Workshop participant; (3) Listener, or (4) Some or all of them.
  5. A participant must choose his/ her own username and password and put them in the registration form. This password must consist of a combination of different characters including uppercase, lowercase, and number, with a total of 8 characters at minimum.
  6. Registration fee is made simple. It is based on the number of days the participant would like to join in, irrespective of the number of programs that the participants would join in. Please keep in mind, participation in the ICPH for two days is more economic than a day. This is because a participant who joins in the full two day programs will pay at a much reduced cost than the sum of the cost of two single days. In the registration form, please specify whether you want to join a day or two day program at the ICPH.
  7. The registration fee is same for all types of participant. It includes the cost of poster printing by the ICPH Secretariat for those participants whose posters are accepted for presentation at the event. Please note, however, for those who want to publish their full papers at an international peer-reviewed and indexed journal, an additional fee will be applied to cover the publication consultation fee and the fee required by the journal publisher. The registration fee excludes accommodation cost of the participant.
  8. Upon completion of the registration form, please click the thumbnail “Register”. The system will inform you by email that the registration information  has been received. Approval of registration is still pending until your registration fee payable to the ICPH Secretariat has been confirmed by the ICPH Secretariat.
  9. The next step you need to transfer registration fee made payable to the ICPH Secretariat, with account name as follows:
    Account name: Aprilya Pratiwi Bank’s name:  Bank Mandiri KK UNS Branch. Account number: 138-00-1567627-8.
  10. Having transferred registration fee, please proceed to submenu “Payment Confirmation” at menu “Registration”. Fill out the payment confirmation with the information as follows:
    • Your name
    • Amount of money transferred
    • Your bank’s name
    • Date of transfer
    • Additional note regarding this transfer if necessary.  
    • You can also upload scan of your transfer receipt if necessary.
  11. Next you need to click thumbnail “Submit”  and finish your confirmation of payment.
  12. The ICPH Secretariat will check your payment. If payment is confirmed, the ICPH Secretariat will approve registration, and activate the participant’s account, including username and password. The participant can start to use this username and password to login You as a registered participant will be put in the ICPH List of Registered Participants.

The ICPH Secretariat appreciate you very much for reading carefully and proceeding this registration procedure step by step.  

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