Application of Social Marketing in Active Case Finding of Tuberculosis: Evidence from Indonesia

Endang Sutisna Sulaeman, Dhian Nurayni, Rahmah PF Susanti, Lina Puspitasari, Retno Dewi Prisusanti, Achmad Arman Subijanto, Bhisma Murti

Masters Program in Public Health, Sebelas Maret University, Wijaya Kusuma Academy of Midwifery,Masters Program in Family Medicine Sebelas Maret University


BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis remained a major public health issue in many developing nations. Case detection rate remained low in Indonesia. Social marketing induces behavior change by making it compatible with individual perception, values, and convenience. This study aimed to apply social marketing to increase active case detection 0f tuberculosis.

SUBJECT AND METHOD: This was a qualitative-quantitative study conducted in two puskesmas (community health centers) in Sukoharjo district, Central Java, Indonesia. A sample of 30 health cadres was selected for this study. Another sample of health personnels from puskesmas and health programmers from the district health office, Sukoharjo, were selected for this study. The data were collected by interview, focus group discussion, and document review. Changes in knowledge and social marketing among health cadres before and after training was tested by t test. Case detection rates before and after training were compared and tested by chi square.

RESULTS: Knowledge in tuberculosis before training (mean=67.37; SD=11.37) increased after training (mean=83.97; SD=9.22), and it was statistically significant (p<0.001). Knowledge in social marketing before training (mean=73.04; SD=12.25) increased after training (mean=85.12; SD=12.02), and it was statistically significant (p<0.001). Tuberculosis case detection rate before trainingvincreased twice as many after training (OR=2.10; 95%CI=0.48 to 10.99; p=0.168)

CONCLUSION: Social marketing can be used to increase knowledge in tuberculosis among health cadres and case detection rate through active case finding.

Keywords: tuberculosis, active case finding, cadres, social marketing


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