Effect of Perception, Attitude, Patient Safety Policy, Stakeholder Support, and Health Promotion, on Infection Prevention

Triani Marwati, AA Subiyanto, Totok Mardikanto, Priyambodo J

Ahmad Dahlan University Yogyakarta


BACKGROUND: Patients who receive health service, health worker, and visitors in a hospital are at risk for nosocomial infection, ie infection acquired in hospital. The presence of patient safety policy and health promotion are needed for surgical infection prevention effort. This study aimed to analyze the effect of health worker perception, attitude, patient safety policy, stakeholder support, and health promotion, on surgical infection prevention effort.

This was a cross sectional study conducted at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A sample of 104 health care workers from this hospital was selected at random for this study. The dependent variable was surgical infection prevention effort. The independent variables were the health worker perception on surgical infection prevention effort, attitude, presence of patient safety policy, stakeholder support, and health promotion. The data were collected using a questionnaire and in-depth interview. The data were analyzed using path analysis model.

Health workers perception had positive effect on surgical infection prevention effort, and it was statistically significant (b =0.45; p<0.001). The effects of attitude (b=0.08; p=0.311), presence of patient safety (b=0.06; p=0.413), stakeholder support (b=0.13; p=0.134), and health promotion (b=0.04; p=0.719) on surgical infection prevention effort were nearly non-existent, and statistically non-significant. The model fit indices met the requirement for path analysis model: x2=4.48; p=0.214; GFI=0.98; AGFI=0.88; RMSEA=0.069; NFI=0.98; CFI=0.99.

CONCLUSION: Health workers perception affects surgical infection prevention effort. Attitude, presence of patient safety policy, stakeholder support, and health promotion, do not affect surgical infection prevention effort.

perception, attitude, patient safety, stakeholder support, health promotion, surgical infection prevention effort


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