Baznas Social Responsibility and Free Health Program in Karanganyar, Central Java


Doctoral Student, Graduate Program in Community Empowerment, Sebelas Maret University, Solo


BACKGROUND: Free health program in Karanganyar District, Central Java, have not been implemented optimally by the government. The community did not feel the expected benefits from this program. However, there has been an increasing awareness among moslems in Karanganyar to channel their income and wealth with zakat, infak, and sodaqoh, in order to help the poor in the community. Baznas is an instutional fund collected and accumulated by moslems to be distributed and utilized by the poor segment of the community. This fund can be used to finance free health care program. This study aimed to describe BAZNAS as social responsebi-lity in the form of health program in Karanganya, East Java.

This was a qualitative study conducted in Karanganyar, East Java. The data were collected by interview, observation, and document review.

BAZNAS was a form of social responsibility that has some positive impacts on the community as follow: 1) Build confidence; 2) Strengthen solidarity; 3) Expand network; 4) Maximize fund collection; and 5) Redistribute income and wealth within a community.

CONCLUSION: BAZNAS can be used as sources of financing free health care program for the poor in the community. It enhances solidarity and fairness of income distribution within the community.

BAZNAS, social responsibility, free health care


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