Association between Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, about Home Electrical Safety, and Fire Incident in East Jakarta

Putri Winda Lestari, Lulus Suci Hendrawati

Binawan Institute of Health Sciences


Background: Jakarta is a province with the highest residential fire incidence in Indonesia. In 2015, 232 fire incidents occurred in East Jakarta alone. Often the fire was caused by short electrical connection. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between knowledge, attitude, behavior, about home electrical safety, and fire incident in East Jakarta.

Subjects and Method: This was an analytical observational study with case control design. This study was conducted in Pekayon, East Jakarta, from July to August 2016. A sample of 78 residents were selected for this study, consisting of 35 residents who had experienced fire incident and 43 residents who had not experienced fire incident by fixed disease sampling and random sampling. The dependent variable was fire incident. The independent variables were knowledge, attitude, and behavior about home electrical safety. Data were collected by questionnaire and interview. Data were analyzed using odds ratio and chi square test.

Results: Fire incident was associated with poor knowledge (OR=3.16; 95% CI= 1.25 to 8.00; p=0.014), unfavorable attitude (OR= 5.16; 95% CI= 1.90 to 14.00; p=0.001), and negative behavior (OR= 4.95; 95% CI= 1.89 to 12.99; p= 0.001).

Fire incident is associated with poor knowledge, unfavorable attitude, and negative behavior about home electrical safety. It is suggested to take measures that improve community knowledge, attitude, and behavior about home electrical safety.

Keywords: fire incident, knowledge, attitude, behavior, home electrical safety

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