The Role of Drug-Taking Supervisors and Patient Adherence to Anti Tuberculosis Treatment at Ngawi Health Center, East Java

Erwin Kurniasih, Hamidatus Daris Sa‘adah

Diploma Program in Nursing Ngawi, East Java


Background: Treatment adherence is essential for DOTS TB completion and cure. In Ngawi, East Java, DOTS TB treatment coverage has not reached the targeted level of 100%. Some patients did not adhere treatment or even did not complete it. This study aimed to investigate the association between the presence of drug-taking supervisors and patient adherence to DOTS TB treatment at Ngawi Health Center, East Java.

Subjects and Method:
This was a analytic cross-sectional study conducted at Ngawi community health center, East Java. A sample of 41 patients undertaking TB DOTS treatment were selected for this study. The dependent variable was treatment adherence. The independent variabe was presence of drug-taking supervisor. The data were collected using a set of questionnaire and observation. The data was analyzed using Odds Ratio and Chi Square.

Results: There were 25 (94.7%) patients who adhered DOTS treatment and 6 (40%) patients who did not adhere DOTS treatment. Patient adherence to DOTS treatment was associated with the presence of drug-taking supervisor (OR= 16.67; 95% CI= 1.76 to 158.12; p=0.003).

Conclusion: Patient adherence to DOTS treatment is associated with the presence of drug-taking supervisor.

Keywords: drug-taking supervisor, treatment adherence, tuberculosis, patient

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