The Experience of Female Adolescents as a Young Mother in Infant Caring: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Diana Dayaningsih1,2), Anggorowati1), Elis Hartati1)

1)Masters Program in Nursing, Diponegoro University

2) Nursing Academy Kesdam IV/Diponegoro



Background: The transition to a new role as a parent creates a period of emotional instability among female adolescents. They may face problem such as role conflict, limitation, and confusion. This study aimed to explore the experience of female adolescents as a young mother in infant caring.

Subjects and Method: This was a qualitative study with interpretative phenomenological analysis conducted at Community Health Center Gunung Pati, Semarang, Central Java, from December 2017 to January 2018. A sample of key informants consisting of 5 mothers aged<20 years was selected for this study by purposive sampling. The data were collected by semi structured interview. To increase the data credibility, triangulation data were collected by interview with grandmothers of the infants. The data were analyzed by interpretative phenomenological analysis.

Results: The experiences of the young mothers when infant caring varied with the situation. The problems experienced by adolescents as young mothers included (1) Ignorance and confusion how to care for babies; (2) A poor understanding of how to care for, nurture, educate, and care for children; (3) Young mothers were not always there for children; (4) Young mothers were less responsible for children. Social support was needed by the young mothers for improving their parenting skills. Factors that caused stress in infant care included fatigue, child health problem, conflict, and a lack of social support.

Conclusion: Young mothers have various problems in child parenting. They need social support for improving infant caring skill.

Keywords: child parenting, infants, experience, interpretative phenomeno­logical analysis, young mothers

Correspondence: Diana Dayaningsih. Masters Program in Nursing, Diponegoro University, Jl. Prof. Sudarto, SH, Tembalang, Semarang, Central Java. Email: Mobile: +628122582872.


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