The Effect of High Fiber Diet and Exercise on Body Weight Reduction in Overweight and Obesity Adolescents

Edy Suyanto

School of Health Polytechnics, Ministry of Health Malang, East Java



Background: Obesity is a major and complex health issue worldwide. The causes of obesity in adolescence are overeating, family history, bad eating habits, little or no exercise, medical illness, low self esteem, medications, depression, emotional problems, stressful life, and family problem. Eating behavior and physical activity during adolescence may modify an adolescent’s risk of adult obesity. This study aimed to examine the association between high fiber diet, exercise, and body weight reduction in overweight and obesity adolescents.

Subjects and Method: This was a quasi experiment one-group before and after with no comparison design. A sample of 60 adolescents with overweight/obesity was selected for this study by quota sampling. The dependent variable was body weight. The independent variable was high fiber intake and exercise program. Body weight reduction before and after the intervention was tested by paired t-test.

Results: 40% of adolescents were able to reduce the main food portion to 1/3 of the usual portion. 25% of adolescents increased exercise time up to 3 hours per week. Body weight after high fiber diet and exercise (mean= 72.65) was lower than before high fiber diet and exercise (mean= 73.65) with p= 0.025.

Conclusion: High fiber diet and exercise programis effective to reduce body weight in adolescents with overweight or obesity.

Keywords: overweight, obese, high fiber diet, exercise, adolescent

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