The Effect of Nutritional Education Through Singing and Card Game Technique on Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Children

Eri Virmando1), Sapja Anantanyu2), Kusnandar2)

1) Masters Program of Science Nutrition, Universitas Sebelas Maret
2) Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret



Background: Getting used to consume fruit and vegetable is very important since childhood to adulthood. A lack of fruit and vegetable consumption leads to poor health and an increased risk of non-communicable diseases. The percentage of fruit and vegetable consumption deficiency in Indonesian population ≥60 years in 2016 was 28.9%, 35-59 years was 26.1%, and <15 years was 25.8%. This study aimed to examine the effect of nutritional education through singing and card game technique on fruits and vegetables intake in kindergarten school children.

Subjects and Method: This was a quasi experimental study with control design. This study was conducted in four kindergarten schools in West Bangka from January to February 2018. A sample of 68 children, aged 5-6 years, both male and female was selected for this study by purposive random sampling. The sample was divided into 4 groups: (1) Singing technique; (2) Picture card game; (3) Combination of singing and card game; (4) Nutrition education using power point (control group). Each group performed 30-50 minute nutrition education using power point every week for 4 weeks. Fruit and vegetable intake was measured by 24-hour recall form 2 days without succession. The data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA test.

Results: After intervention, the fruit intake in group (1) Singing technique (Mean= 1.71 d, SD= 0.85); (2) Card game (Mean= 1.76, SD= 0.56); (3) Combina­tion of singing and card game (Mean= 1.82; SD= 0.53); (4) Control (Mean= 2.88, SD= 1.58) with p= 0.002. After intervention, the vegetable intake in group (1) Singing technique (Mean= 2.00, SD= 1.17); (2) Card game (Mean= 2.88; SD= 1.58); (3) Combination (Mean= 2.94, SD= 1.35); (4) Control (Mean = 4.35, SD= 1.37) with p= 0.001.

Conclusion: Singing technique and card game is effective in inreasing fruit and vegetable intake among kindergarten school children.

Keywords: singing, card game, fruit intake, vegetable intake, kindergarten, school children

Correspondence: Eri Virmando. Masters Program in Nutrition, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 36 A, 57126, Surakarta, Central Java. Email:


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