Improving Competency of Community Health Workers in Non-Infectious Disease Screening in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Sri Arini Winarti1), Margono2)


1)Diploma Program in Nursing, School of Health Polytechnics,

Ministry of Health Yogyakarta

2)Diploma Program in Midwifery, School of Health Polytechnics,

Ministry of Health Yogyakarta



Background: Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) kill 41 million people each year, equivalent to 71% of all deaths globally. Detection, screening and treatment of NCDs, as well as palliative care, are key components of the response to NCDs. Disease screening is one of the most basic tools of modern public health and preven­tive medicine. This study aimed to assess the effect of improving competency of community health workers (CHWs) in non-infectious disease screening in Sle­man, Yogyakarta.

Subjects and Method: This was a quasi experiment before and after with con­trol design was carried out at 12 Posbindus in Sleman, Yogyakarta. A sample of 60 CHWs was selected for this study by non-probability sampling. The sample was divided into three groups of training: simulation, leaflet, and demonstration. The dependent variable was knowledge on non-infectious disease screening. The inde­pendent variable was training. The data were collected by questionnaire and analyzed by one way ANOVA. Changes in knowledge before and after training were tested by paired t-test.

Results: Knowledge score on non-infectious disease screening after training was higher than before training, and it was statistically significant (p= 0.023). Knowledge score after training was the highest in the simulation group (Mean= 88.07; SD= 2.45), moderate in the leaflet group (Mean= 87.17; SD= 2.05), and lowest in the demonstration group (Mean= 86.96; SD= 1.99), but they were statisti­cally non-significant (p= 0.127).

Conclusion: Training is effective to improve knowledge on non-infectious di­sea­se screening among CHWs.

Keywords: non-infectious disease, screening, training, community health workers

Correspondence: Sri Arini Winarti. Diploma Program in Nursing, School of Health Polytechnics, Ministry of Health Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta. Email: Mobile: 081392969992.


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