The Effect of Strawberry Juice on Improving HB Level among Female Adolescents with Anemia

Noor Cholifah, Jarwanto, Dwi Hartinah


Program of Nursing, School of Health Sciences Muhammadiyah Kudus



Background: Anemia in adolescents is a public health problem. Female ado­les­cents are at higher risk to have anemia, particularly iron deficiency anemia, than ma­le adolescents because they have a menstrual cycle every month. This study aim­ed to examine the effect of strawberry juice (Fragaria vesca) on improving hae­mo­­globin (Hb) level among female adolescents with anemia.

Subjects and Method: This study was a quasi-experiment before and after with con­trol group design conducted at MTS Nurul Amin Tawangharjo, Kudus, Cen­tral Java. A sample of 40 female adolescents was selected for this study, con­sis­ting of 20 adolescents receiving strawberry juice and 20 adolescents receiving no-strawberry juice. The independent variable was strawberry juice. The dependent va­­riable was Hb level. Hb level was measured by cyanmet photometer method. The data were analyzed by t-test.

Results: The increase in Hb level scores before and after intervention in the straw­­­berry juice group was higher than in the control group, and it was statis­ti­cal­­ly significant (p= 0.005).

Conclusion: Strawberry juice is effective to increase Hb level among female adolescents.

Keywords: strawberry juice, hemoglobin level, female adolescents

Correspondence: Noor Cholifah. Program of Nursing, School of Health Sciences Muhammadiyah, Kudus, Central Java. Email: Mobile: 082227757828


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