The Association between Socioeconomic Factors and Selection of Birthplace in Pregnant Women

Silfia Angela Norce Halu, Maria Sriana Banul


Diploma of Midwifery, School of Health Sciences Santu Paulus



Background: Childbirth and the culture surrounding it are powerful dimen­sions of human society. Birthplace is an important component of birth, which can include physical, emotional, cultural and social aspects. Women make birthplace deci­sions within their socio-political and cultural context, which adds to its comple­x­ity. This study aimed to examine the association between socioeconomic fac­tors and selection of birthplace in pregnant women.

Subjects and Method: A cross sectional study was conducted at 6 puskesmas (Community Health Centers) in Pota, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. A sample of 59 pregnant women was selected for this study. The dependent variable was selection of birthplace (home versus hospital). The independent variables were mater­nal education, employment, family income, decision maker, and travel time. The data were collected by questionnaire and analyzed by a multiple logistic regres­sion.

Results: The choice of hospital as the birthplace was associated with high maternal education (OR= 4.51; p= 0.020), being employed (OR= 2.75; p= 0.040), high family income (OR= 4.77; p<0.001), maternal shares the decision making (OR= 3.12; p= 0.030), and short travel time (OR= 4.45; p= 0.001).

Conclusion: The choice of hospital as the birthplace is associated with high mater­nal education, being employed, high family income, maternal shares the deci­sion making, and short travel time.

Keywords: socioeconomic factor, birthplace, pregnant women.

Correspondence: Silfia Angela Norce Halu. Diploma of Midwifery, School of Health Sciences Santu Paulus, Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. Email: Mobile: 081259163953.


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