Effect of Exclusive Breastfeeding on Prevention and Shortened Duration of Diarrhea among Children under Five: A Systematic Review

Okti Rahmawati1), Rifki Aviani2)


1)Kaliwates General Hospital, Jember, East Java

2)Siti Khodijah General Hospital, Pekalongan, Central Java



Background: In developing countries breastfeeding reduces the incidence and seve­­rity of diarrhea in infants, although this effect may be less pronounced in areas with better water supply and sanitation facilities. This study aimed to re­vi­ew systematically the effects of exclusive breastfeeding on prevention and shor­te­­ned duration of diarrhea among children under five.

Subjects and Method: This was a systematic review. The study population were children under five years of age. The dependent variable was diarrhea. The in­de­pendent variable was breastfeeding. Systematic review was conducted through six steps: (1) Framed a question (based on a theory); (2) Ran a search (on Pubmed/Medline, Google Scholar, other sources); (3) Read the abstract and title of the individual papers; (4) Abstract information from the selected set of final articles; (5) Determined the quality of the information in these articles. This was done using a judgment of their internal validity but also using the GRADE cri­te­ria; (6) Determined the extent to which these articles were heterogeneous. Sour­ces of literature were PubMed and BMC, which published articles from January 2008 to July 2018.

Results: After screening, eight abstracts and their full papers were obtained for ana­lysis. Exclusive breastfeeding and provision of colostrum prevented diarrhea and shortened its duration.

Conclusion: Exclusive breastfeeding and provision of colostrum prevent diar­rhea and shortened its duration.

Keywords: diarrhea, exclusive breastfeeding, children under five

Correspondence: Okti Rahmawati. Kaliwates General Hospital, Jl. Diah Pitaloka No. 4A, Sempusari, Kaliwates, Jember, East Java. Email: doktermudaokti2@gmail.com. Mobile: 085749354950

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/theicph.2018.03.58

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