The Effect of Motivation on Nurse Performance at Imelda General Hospital, Medan, North Sumatera

Delfi Gunawaty, Surya Utama, Juanita


Master Program in Public Health, Faculty of Public Health Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan



Background: The performance of health care delivery depends largely upon the know­ledge, skills, and motivation, of those individuals responsible for delivering health services. Motivation is a process that begins with a psychological or phy­sio­logical need, which initiates behaviors to achieve the aimed goals. This study ai­med to determine the effect of motivation on nurse performance at the hospital.

Subject and Method: This was a survey conducted at Imelda General Hospital, Medan, North Sumatera. A sample of 64 nurses was selected by simple random sam­­pling. The dependent variable was work performance. The independent variables were training and supervision. The data were collected by questionnaire and ana­­lyzed by a multiple linier regression model.

Results: Work performance was affected by motivation (b= 1.20; p= 0.044), training (b= 0.30; p= 0.140), and supervision (b= 0.42; p= 0.290).

Conclusions: Work performance is affected by motivation, training, and supervision.

Keywords: work performance, motivation, training, supervision, nurse

Correspondence: Delfi Gunawaty. Master Program in Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, North Sumatera. Email: Mobile: 083199686240.


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