Stroke Severity and The Risk of Depression among Post-Stroke Patients: A Meta-Analysis

Dinda Ika Pratiwi1), Didik Tamtomo2), Bhisma Murti1)


1)Masters Program in Public Health, Universitas Sebelas Maret

2)Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Sebelas Maret



Background: Post-stroke depression (PSD) is a complication that occurs in up to 30% of the patients who have a stroke. Stroke patients with PSD suffer higher mortality rates and show a minor improvement in rehabilitation programs in comparison to non dep­res­sed stroke patients. This study aimed to examine the association between stroke severity and PSD.

Subjects and Method: A meta analysis study was conducted by searching published ar­ticle from January 1, 2009 to September 30, 2018 in Pubmed, Science Direct, and Spri­nger Link data­bases. The data were analyzed by RevMan 5 program.

Results: 2976 stroke patients from 9 studies were selected for this study. A meta-ana­ly­­sis sho­wed that stroke severity level was risk factor for post-stroke depression (OR= 1.10; CI 95% 1.07 to 1.13; p< 0.001). Severe stroke increased the likelihood of post-stroke depression.

Conclusion: Stroke severity is a risk factor for post-stroke depression.

Keywords: post-stroke depression, stroke severity, meta-analysis


Dinda Ika Pratiwi. Masters Program in Public Health, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Jl. Ir. Sutami 36 A, Surakarta 57126, Central Java, Indonesia. Email: dindai­ Mobile: +628120610504.



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