The Effect of Health Promotion Program for Families with Adolescents on Communication Patterns in Sleman Yogyakarta

Kenik Sri Wahyuni and Bernadeta Verawati


Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Respati, Yogyakarta



Background: Family plays an important role in shaping a person fate or destiny. Pa­ren­tal tech­­niques for raising children and families training systems are amongst the most fun­da­men­tal fac­­tors for a child’s personality formation. An earlier study have shown a sig­nificant as­so­ciation bet­ween parenting style and family communication pa­t­­­tern with some quality of life dimensions among adolescents. This study aimed to deter­mine the effect of health pro­mo­tion program for fa­milies with adolescents on communi­ca­tion pa­tterns in Sleman, Yog­yakarta.

Subjects and Method: This was a comparative study conducted in several villages in Ngem­plak (high exposure to PIK-R and BKR) and Kalasan (low exposure to PIK-R and BKR) sub dis­tricts, Sleman district, Yogyakarta. A total of 120 adolescents was selected for this study. The de­pen­­dent variable was family communication pattern. The inde­pen­dent va­riable was Information and Counselling (PIK-R) and Adolescent Family De­ve­lopment (BKR) programs. The data were col­lected by questionnaire. The data were a­na­lyzed by uni­variate and bivariate.

Results: Family communication pattern was more positive in villages with high ex­po­sure of PIK-R and BKR programs than those with low exposure of PIK-R and BKR pro­grams.

Conclusion: Family communication pattern improves with the implementation of PIK-R and BKR programs.

Keywords: communication pattern, family, BKR, PIK-R

Correspondence: Kenik Sri Wahyuni. Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Respati, Yogyakarta. Email: ke­ni­k­­­sriwah­yuni­@­res­


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