Characteristics and Knowledge on HIV/AIDS Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Semarang, Central Java

Arwinda Nugraheni, Diah Rahayu Wulandari, Teddy Wahyu N, Firdaus Wahyudi, Suharto, Dodik Pramono


Departement of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Diponegoro



Background: In 33 countries that reported, data coverage of men who have sex with other men (MSM) with HIV prevention programmes ranges from 21% to 80%. MSM carry out activities at risk of being infected with HIV/AIDS. Cases of HIV/AIDS in MSM groups con­tinue to increase eve­ry year. Studies into MSM and knowledge of HIV/AIDS are still rare. This study aimed to des­cribe the characteristics and knowledge on HIV/AIDS among MSMs in Semarang, Central Java.

Subjects and Method: This was cross-sectional study conducted in Semarang, Central Java, from June to August 2018. A total of 78 MSMs selected for this study. The study va­ri­ables in this stu­dy included age, education, employment status, income, and know­ledge of HIV/AIDS. The data were collected by questionnaire and in-depth interview.  The data were analyzed des­crip­ti­vely.

Results: 58% of MSMs were >25 years old, 78% had high school education, 69% worked, and 19.2% had income above the minimum wage. The range of MSMs knowledge on HIV/AIDS was 12.5 to 100. 61% of MSM had poor knowledge (<75), 22% had good know­ledge (75 to 99), and 12% had very good knowledge (100). The lowest knowledge was du­ring incubation and pro­phyl­ac­t­ic prevention.

Conclusion: MSM knowledge about HIV AIDS is still lacking. It is expected that there will be an increase in knowledge of HIV/AIDS especially regarding the incubation period and pre­ven­tion of prophylaxis after dealing with HIV/AIDS sufferers.

Keywords: MSM, HIV/AIDS, knowledge

Correspondence: Arwinda Nugraheni. Departement of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Dipo­negoro, Jl. Prof. H. Soedarto, SH., Tembalang-Semarang 50275, Semarang, Central Java. Email: Mobile: 02476928010.


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