Comparison of Knowledge, Physical Activity, and Nutritional Status among Students in the Public and Private Elementary Schools

Parlin Dwiyana, Dipo Wicaksono, Ria Okta Hablina


Department in Nutrition, Faculty of Health Sciences, Univeritas MH. Thamrin Jakarta



Background: Nutritional status problem, such as overweight and obesity among chil­dren in developing countries is steadily increasing. Nutritional knowledge and physical activity are important factors for nu­tritional status. This study aimed to compare the knowledge, physical activity, and nutrition status among students in public and private ele­men­tary schools.

Subjects and Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in a public and private elementary schools in Bogor, in 2017. A total of 88 students was selected for this study. The depen­dent variables were know­ledge, physical activity, and nutria­tional status. The inde­pen­dent variable was school type (public vs. private). The data were collected by questi­o­n­naire.

Results: Knowledge of Private Elementary School students (Mean= 77.72; SD= 15.80) was higher than Public Elementary School students (Mean=63.33; SD= 16.17). Physical activity of Public Elementary School stu­dents (Mean=1.23; SD= 0.4) was higher than Private Elementary School students (Mean= 1.07; SD= of 0.3). Nutritional status of Private Elementary School stu­dents (Mean= 0.85; SD= of 1.3) was higher than Public Elementary School stu­dents (Mean=0.54; SD= 1.3).

Conclusion: There are differences in knowledge, physical activity, and nutritional status bet­ween Public and Private Elementary School students.

Keywords: knowledge, physical activity, nutritional status, elementary school

Correspondence: Dipo Wicaksono. Deprtmen innutrition, Faculty of Helath Sciences, Univeritas MH. Thamrin, Jakarta. Email: Mobile: 082110505056.




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