Concept and Challenges in the Development of the National Board of Mental Health

Aqsha Azhary Nur, Adang Bachtiar


Department of Administration and Health Policy,

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia



Background: Mental health is certainly a public health issue. But mental health prac­ti­tioners cannot be expected to work (or succeed) on their own. Government-level ac­ti­on is needed to sup­port, politically and financially, the interventions for parents, schools, and the wider com­munity that could prevent mental ill health. There is a need to develop the national board of mental health. Only then can the concept of better men­tal health for all begin to be realized. The pur­pose of this study was to determine the concept and challenges in the development of the national board of mental health.

Subjects and Method: This was an explorative qualitative study with Donabedian frame­work conducted in Jakarta. The input process was consists of literature study. The process consisted of forming consensus decision-making group (CDMG) by focus group discussion (FGD). The outcome consisted of policy brief and advocacy planning.

Results: On the first FGD, the CDMG analyzed the Mental Health Law and identified its limited coverage of mental health issues. The CDMG did not find the specific target for reduction of the morbidity and mortality of mental illness. Indonesia had only reach­ed target 1 and 2 from 4 targets in the WHO Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020. Promotion and prevention measures of mental health were not aggressive enough due to the budget constraint and lack of coor­di­na­tion. On the second FGD, CDMG concluded the need to establish the National Mental Health Agency that in­vol­ves Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Women Em­po­wer­ment and Child Protection, the National Board of Population and Family Planning, the National Drug Abuse Board, mass media, and non-government organization. On the third FDG, CDMG formulated the need to establish the National Mental Health Agency as a member coor­dinator of inter-sectoral coordinating team.

Conclusion: CDMG has recommended the formation of the National Mental Health Agen­cy as the coordinating body that aims to accelerate the promotion, prevention, treat­ment, and rehabilitation of mental health in Indonesia.

Keywords: National Mental Health Agency, written law mental health.

Correspondence: Aqsha Azhary Nur. Department of Administration and Health Policy, Faculty of Public Health, Uni­versitas Indonesia. Email: Mobile: 081342633699.


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