Correlation of Body Image and Eating Pattern among High School Students in Demak, Central Java

Rio Ade Atmoko, Umi Aniroh, Zumrotul Choiriyyah


Universitas Ngudi Waluyo, Ungaran, Central Java



Background: Body image is a multidimensional construct central to emotional well-being in which the attitudinal components satisfaction with body size. There is a lack of data on the asso­cia­tion between body image and eating pattern in Demak, Central Java. This study aimed to a­na­­lyze the correlation of body image and eating pattern among high school students in Demak, Cen­tral Java.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross sectional study carried out at High School I Demak, Cen­tral Java. A total of 93 students was selected for this study using simple ran­dom sampling. The dependent variable was eating pattern. The independent variable was body image, con­sis­ting of physical attractiveness, body size satisfaction, appraisal on body image compared with others, and effort to improve body image.  Body image were mea­sured using questionnaire. The other data were collected by questionnaire and analyzed using chi-square.

Results: A total of 51.6% high school students had positive body image and 48.4% had negative body image. A total of 51.6% had poor eating pattern and 48.4% had good eating pattern. Body image was positively associated with eating pattern.

Conclusion: Positive body image is associated with good eating pattern.

Keywords: body image, eating pattern, student

Correspondence: Zumrotul Choiriyyah. Universitas Ngudi Waluyo, Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java.

Email: Mobile: 087889834959.


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