Effect of Dental and Oral Health in Under Weight Children Under Five Years of Age for Stunting Prevention: A Systematic Review

Rusmiati Dwi Rohanawati, Adang Bachtiar


Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia



Background: Malnutrition and dental caries in early childhood remain persistent and in­ter­twi­ned global health challenges, particularly for indigenous and geographically-remote po­pu­la­tions. In addition, a pandemic of childhood dental caries has emerged. Caries is the most com­mon chronic disease of childhood, affecting 60–90% of young children worldwide. Untreated ca­ries can lead to chronic oral infection, mouth pain, malnutrition, and reduced educational po­ten­tial persisting into adulthood. This study aimed to review systematically the effect of dental and oral health in under weight children under five years of age for stunting prevention.

Subject and Method: This systematic review was conducted through six steps: (1) Frame a ques­tion (based on a theory); (2) Run a search (on Pubmed, Google Scholar, and Proquest which published articles from 2008 to 2018); (3) Read the abstract and title of the individual pa­pers; (4) Abstract information from the selected set of final articles; (5) Determine the qu­a­lity of the information in these articles, which was done using a judgment of their internal vali­dity but also using the GRADE criteria; (6) Determine the extent to which these articles were he­­terogeneous. The dependent variable was under weight children under five years. The in­de­pen­dent variable was dental and oral health. The keywords for this review were carries, nut­rition and children under five. The inclusion criteria were qualitative, quantitative, and full text. After review process 15 articles were included in this review.

Results: Dental and oral health of children under five associated with growth and under weight. Nutritional status also associated with dental and oral health as well as the period of tooth growth. Underweight was associated with several factor included mal­nutrition, illness, mo­­ther knowledge, and social status.

Conclusion: Dental and oral health affects nutritional status in children under five. An in­tegrated dental and oral health effort program is needed to prevent stunting.

Keywords: dental, oral health, carries, nutritional status, children under five, under wight, stunting.

Correspondence: Rusmiati Dwi Rohanawati. Faculty of Public Health, Universitas In­do­nesia.

Email: Rusmiati.Used@Gmail.Com, Mobile : 082214340024.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/theicph.2019.02.37

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