Effect of Digital Marketing in Hospitals: A Systematic Review

Andreas Aryo Risky Prasetyo, Wachyu Sulistiadi


Department of Public Health Hospital Management, Faculty of Public Health,

Universitas Indonesia



Backgrounds: The purpose of health care marketing is to learn and understand the needs and desires of prospective patients in order to be able to meet those neces­sities. A big advantage is the targeting capability of the electronic media being used by medical ins­titutions as means of advertisement to develop the marketing stra­te­gies. This study ai­med to review systematically the effect of digital marketing in hospitals.

Subjects and Method: A systematic review was conducted by searching the following da­ta­­bases included Ebscoe, Proquest, Scopus, NEJM, Elsevier and DepKes RI which pub­­­lished articles from November 2018. The keyword for this review was di­gi­tal mar­ke­ting. The inclusion cri­teria were review, systematic review, clinical re­view and guide­li­nes. After review process se­ven articles were included in this review.

Results: There is a need for digital methods of promoting, educating, and giving in­for­ma­­tions of medical care services in order to expand a business. The strategic was to imply attracting new and old patients to offering them low cost and a certain qua­li­ty health care services, which ensured their satisfaction and the probability of their re­com­­­mending the health facility further.

Conclusion: The electronic media is effective for medical institutions to develop the mar­­­keting strategies.

Keywords: digital marketing, smartphones, hospital, health care service

Correspondence: Andreas Aryo Risky Prasetyo. Department of Public Health Hospital Management, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. Email: andreas.aryo@hotmail.com. Mobile: 0 812-1217-3797.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/theicph.2019.04.47

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