Factors Associated with Puskesmas Performance in Public Health Planning in Muaro Jambi, Jambi

Yulia1, Adang Bachtiar2


1)Masters Program in Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia

2)Department of Policy and Health Administration, Faculty of Public Health,

Universitas Indonesia



Background: Puskesmas or community health center is a functional health depart­ment with active community participation. Puskesmas is overseen by the Indonesian Mi­nistry of Health and provide healthcare for population on sub-district level. Pus­kes­mas orga­nizes comprehensive, integrated, equitable, acceptable, and affordable health efforts by the community. This study aimed to determine the factors associated with Pus­kesmas per­formance in public health planning in Muaro Jambi, Jambi.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross sectional study carried out at 19 community health centers in Muaro Jambi, Jambi. A total of 227 managers of public health effort pro­­gram (UKM) were selected for this study. The dependent variable was the perfor­mance of UKM planning. The in­de­pendent variables were leadership, strategic plan­ning, focus on customer, mea­su­re­ment-analysis-knowledge management, focus on worker, and focus on process. The data were collected by questionnaire. Bivariate ana­ly­sis was performed by co­rrelation. Multivariate analysis was performed by linear reg­res­sion.

Results: Leadership (r= 0.52; p= 0.001), strategic planning (r= 0.54; p= 0.001), focus on customer (r= 0.39; p= 0.001), measurement-analysis-knowledge management (r= 0.52; p= 0.001), focus on worker (r= 0.53; p= 0.001), and process focus (r= 0.60; p= 0.001), were positively associated with the performance of UKM planning. Leadership (b= 0.16; 95% CI= 0.02 to 0.29; p= 0.029) and focus on process (b= 0.14; 95% CI= 0.04 to 0.24; p= 0.005), were positively correlated with the performance of UKM plan­n­ing in Pus­kesmas.

Conclusion: Leadership and focus on process are positively correlated with the per­for­mance of UKM planning in Puskesmas.

Keywords: public health efforts program, puskesmas, performance, planning

Correspondence: Yulia. Masters Program in Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. Jl. Prof. DR. Sujudi, Pondok Cina, Beji, Depok 16424, West Java. Email:yulia.samudra@gmail.com. Mobile: 08127321223.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/theicph.2019.04.56

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