HIV/AIDS Infection among Housewives in Asia: A Systematic Review

Hidayati Hasanah1, Wahyu Sulistiadi2


1)Masters Program in Public Health, University of Indonesia

2)Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia



Background: By the end of year 2017 around 36.9 million people were living with HIV, 1.8 million new people were infected, 4.400 of them suffered adults aged 15 years and over with 43% were women. In Asia, women account for 37% of adults with HIV. Housewives become HIV vulnerable groups contracting from their husbands. This  aims to determine the risk factors for transmission of HIV / AIDS to housewives in Asia from husband to wife.

Subjects and Method: This  uses a systematic review method of journals with subjects of married women and men or married couples. Search articles through database electronics, namely EBSCO, JSTOR, and Pubmed. Keywords use English “HIV/ AIDS” AND “housewife”. The inclusion criteria for articles included, namely the time of publication in 2010 – 2018, methods, full text and research in Asian countries. After adjusting for inclusion criteria and research objectives, 4 articles were obtained, 2 of which mentioned have been through ethical review.

Results: 2 studies were conducted on married women and men / married couples and 2 studies conducted on married women. Husbands stated that sexual behavior outside of marriage both before and after marriage is natural because it is part of the nature of men, husbands do not use condoms during sexual intercourse with their wives before being diagnosed with HIV. The wives stated that they had insufficient knowledge about HIV/ AIDS, still upholding cultural norms to respect their husbands, staying gentle despite the suspicion of even knowing their husbands had sexual relations outside of marriage and were infected with HIV. In this  HIV-positive women still received discrimination and negative stigma from their families and communities, making it difficult for them to get social or medical assistance. In women with migrant partner higher diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections.

Conclusion: The most important risk factors for HIV/ AIDS transmission in housewives are caused by the poor sexual behavior of a husband and the lack of knowledge on wife about HIV / AIDS.

Keywords: HIV / AIDS, risk of transmission, husband and wife

Correspondence: Hidayati Hasanah. Masters Program in Public Health, Universitas Indonesia, Depok.

Email: Mobile: 081210099530


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