Local Based Supplementary Food to Increase Hemoglobin among pregnant Women in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan

Christine Aden


School of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health Palangkaraya



Background: Stenochlaena palustris (kelakai) is one of the medicinal plants that has been used by Dayak ethnic society as an alternative medicine to treat anemia. An earlier stu­dy showed that kelakai extract is associated with an increase in white rat’s hemo­globin (Hb) level. The pur­pose of this study was to determine the effect of a local based sup­­plementary food on increasing Hb among pregnant women in Central Kalimantan.

Subjects and Method:This was a quasi-experiment conducted in Palangkaraya, Central Kali­mantan. A sample of 71 pregnant women was selected for this study and di­vi­ded into two groups: 29 in the kelakai group and 42 in the control group. The de­pen­dent variable was Hb level. The independent variable was local based supplementary food with kelakai. The data were ana­­lyz­ed by t-test.

Results:Boiling kelakai vegetable yielded 0.075mg/kg Fe in one minute and 0.036 mg/kg in five minutes. Raw kelakai leaf contained 0.384mg/kg Fe. Pregnant women who consumed ke­lakai (mean= 10.3; SD= 0.88 g/dl) had higher Hb level than those who did not consume kelakai (mean= 9.6; SD= 0.84 g/dl). Pregnant women had higher Hb level after consumption of local based supplementary food (mean=10.32; SD=0.88 g/dl) than before consumption (mean=9.63; SD=1.01 g/dl).

Conclusion:Consumption of local based supplementary food is effective to increase he­­mo­globin level among pregnant women.

Keywords: kelakai, supplementary food, pregnant, anemia.

Correspondence: Christine Aden. School of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health Pa­lang­­kara­ya. ­Email: christine.aden@ymail.com. Mobile: + (62) 813-4911-4949


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