Relative Effectiveness between Jasmine Flower Compress and Cold Compress on Pain Intensity and Time Reduction in The Breast Milk Weaning Process

Arifah Istiqomah, Tita Restu Yuliasri


Academy of Midwifery Ummi Khasanah



Background: Breast milk is the optimal form of nutrition in infancy. Weaning from the breast is a natural, inevitable stage in a child’s development. It is a complex process in­­volving nut­ri­tional, immunological, biochemical and psychological adjustments.Jas­mine oil has a sti­mu­lating effect on the nervous system function.Jasmine essential oils sti­­­mulate the body to release endorphins which are natural pain killers and mood en­han­cer. Cold compress when applied can decrease the amount of blood collecting around a wound, which can reduce bruising, swelling, inflammation and acute pain. The purpose of this study was to determine relative effectiveness between jasmine flo­wer compress and cold compress on pain intensity and time reduction in the breast milk weaning process.

Subjects and Method: This was a quasi-experiment with pretest and posttest non-e­qui­valent control group. The study was conducted at Pundong integrated health center, Bantul, Yog­ya­karta. A sample of 80 breastfeeding mothers was selected for this study and divided into two groups: jasmine flower compress group and cold compress group. The dependent variables were pain intensity and pain duration. The indepen­dent va­ri­ables were jasmine flower compress and cold compress. The data were measured by nu­meric rating scale (NRS) and analyzed by t-test.

Results: Pain intensity reduction was larger in the intervention group (1.85) than the con­trol group (0.93), and it was statistically significant (p= 0.001). Pain duration was shor­ter in the intervention group (3 days) than the control group (5 days), and it was statistically significant (p= 0.001).

Conclusion:Jasmine compress is more effective in both reducing pain intensity and pain duration than cold compress.

Keywords:jasmine flower compress, cold compress, pain intensity, pain duration, breast feeding, weaning

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