Role of Champion in Monitoring the Implementation of Fall Management Regulation among Patients at Pluit Hospital, Jakarta

Andre Saphir Trisnadi, Vetty Yulianty Permanasari


Masters Program in Hospital Administration, Universitas Indonesia



Background: Falls are the most commonly reported adverse event in hospitals and while the majority of inpatient falls are associated with minor injury, more serious events such as fractures, intracranial injury and death also occurred. A care champion for fall prevention is a cli­nician (nurse, allied health or medical professionals), who in addition to their own cli­ni­cal/adminis­tra­tive duties, has been nominated to act as a re­source in their knowledge and skills of fall preven­tion. A care champion for fall pre­ven­tion is able to provide ongoing profile rai­sing, staff education, and support for fall pre­vention. The purpose of this study was to de­termine the role of champion in mo­ni­to­r­ing the implementation of fall management regulation among patients at Pluit Hos­pi­tal, Jakarta.

Subjects and Method: This was an explorative qualitative study conducted at Pluit Hos­pital. A sample of 923 patients was monitored for this study. The key informants we­re members of the patient safety subcommittee. The dependent variable was risky-falling pa­tient. The independent variable was an assessment form of risk-falling, yellow bracelet, triangle-fall, further action for falling ac­ci­dent, and final result. The data were collected by observation and interview.

The results: After the implementation of falling risk management regulation and the effecti­veness of champion in monitoring the regulation, the incident of falling decline from 8 patients falling in 2016 to 3 patients falling in 2018. Some nurses were afraid to report falling patients.

Conclusion:The involvement of the champion in monitoring the implementation of risk pre­ven­tion management is effective to reduce the incident of falling in the hospital. Health pro­fessionals have yet to have more courage to report falling patients.

Keywords: safety of patients, risk-falling, champion

Correspondence: Andre Saphir Trisnadi. Masters Program in Hospital Administration, Universitas Indo­ne­sia. Email: andre.­mdsp­@gmail­.com. Mobile: 081514326171.


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