Second Victim Issues at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta

Lyana I Wijayanti, Ilyas


Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia



Background: Second victim experiences can affect the well-being of healthcare providers and compromise patient safety. Second victims report various symptoms and consequences to well-being. The symptoms include poor physical, psychological, and professional outcomes, such as sleeping difficulties, burnout, reduced job satisfaction, feelings of guilt, anger, and shame, as well as worries about punishment, job loss, and litigation. Even involvement in serious near-miss patient safety events can decrease job confidence and job satisfaction and increase anxiety, sleeplessness, and job-related stress in health care providers. Therefore, if not abated or treated, a second victim experience can harm the emotional and physical health of health care providers and subsequently compromise patient safety. This study aimed to investigate the second victim issues at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta.

Subjects and Method: A survey was carried out at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospi­tal, Jakarta. A sample of health personnel was selected for this study. The Electronic Health System (EHR) used to report an incident and the Second Victim Experience and Support Tool (SVEST), which was developed to assess organizational support and per­so­nal and professional distress after involvement in a patient safety event, were admi­nis­­tered to nurses involved in direct patient care. The data were collect­ed by que­stion­naire and indepth-interview.

Results: Medical and non medical personnel who report the incident will be investigated by the Occupational Safety Quality Committee of Dr. RSUP Cipto Mangun­kusumo. If there is potential for second victim, the personnel will be followed up by the human resoursce coordinator, and reported to the director. The handling measure can be counseling, education, or workplace evaluation.

Conclusion: Standard operating procedure has been develop to address second victim issues. Encouraging supportive coworker, supervisor, and institutional interactions may be useful strategies to manage the severity of second victim experiences.

Keyword: second victims, patient safety, employee safety

Correspondence: Lyana I Wijayanti. Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. Email: Mo­bile: 0812-8850-8906.


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