Social Determinants of Participation in the National Health Insurance in Sragen, Central Java

Sri Sugiarsi, Antik Pujihastuti, Nunik Maya Hastuti


School of Health Sciences, Mitra Husada, Karanganyar



Background: The Indonesian health system has implemented the social secu­rity  assu­­­ran­ce  for  health,  namely National Health Insurance (JKN). JKN princi­ples focus on mutual support, not-for-profit, good governance, and portability. However, level of participation in the JKN is still below the intended target. This study aimed to analyze the social determinants of par­tici­pation in the JKN in Sragen, Central Java.

Subjects and Method: A cross sectional study was conducted in Mondokan, Sragen, Central Java. A total sample of 112 household heads was selected for this study using simple random sam­pling. The dependent variable were JKN participation status. The in­de­­pendent variables were social determinants (including gender, age, education, em­ploy­ment, income, social sup­port, transportation). The data were collected by ques­tionnaire. The data were analyzed by logis­tic regression.

Results: JKN participation was associated with strong social support (OR= 7.35; 95% CI= 5.35 to 8.22; p= 0.003) and higher household head education (OR= 4.10; 95% CI= 8.54 to 15.32; p= 0.048).

Conclusion: JKN participation is associated with strong social support and higher household head education.

Keywords: national health insurance, social support, education

Correspondence: Sri Sugiarsi. School of Health Sciences Mitra Husada, Papahan, Tasikmadu, Karang­anyar, Central Java. Mobile: Mobile: 081804501090.


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