Strengthening Maternal Intention and Knowledge in Fruit and Vegetable Preparation Using Emotional Demonstration Method

Suriah, Indra Fajarwati, Muhammad Rachmat, Andi Imam Arundhana


Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makasar



Background:Fruits and vegetables are often identified as the most important part of a diet in pre­­venting age-related disease. Low adherence to dietary guidelines empha­sizes the need for effec­­­­tive interventions to promote healthy eating. This study aimed to examine the streng­the­ning maternal intention and knowledge in fruit and vegetable preparation using emotional de­mons­tration method.

Subjects and Method: This was quasi-experiment before and after with no control group de­sign carried out at two villages in Makasar, South Sulawesi. A sample of 90 hou­sewives was se­lec­­ted for this study, consisting of 45 housewives in the intervention group and 45 housewives in the control group. The dependent variables were intention and knowledge in fruit and vegetable pre­­paration. The independent variable was emo­tional demonstration method. The data were col­lected by questionnaire and analyzed by t-test.

Results:Intention and knowledge score were higher in the intervention group than control group, and it was statistically significant.

Conclusion: Emotional demonstration method is effective to improve maternal inten­tion and know­ledge in fruit and vegetable preparation.

Keywords: intention, knowledge, emotional, demonstration, fruit and vegetable pre­paration

Correspondence: Suriah. Faculty of Public Health, UniversitasHasanuddin, Makasar, South Sulawesi. Email: Mobile: 085397925959.


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