The Bullying Incident and Its Effect for The Students

Ika Tristanti, Noor Azizah, Ana Zumrotun Nisak


Universitas Muhammadiyah Kudus



Background: UNESCO stated about 246 million kids experience bullying in some form every year. It affects kids in all countries. Violence and bullying are pervasive in ma­ny schools across the world. Physical and sexual bullying occurred most fre­qu­en­tly. About 17-20% students have ever been bullying. This study aimed to describe the bullying incident and its effect for students.

Subjects and Method: This was qualitative study carried out at Primary School, in Ku­dus, Central Java, from November to December 2018. The key informants including bu­l­lying victims, teachers, and parents. The data were collected by in-depth interview and analyzed descriptively.

Results: Ridicule, verbal and physical threat, harassment, physical violence, and hide the victim’s object were the types of bullying incident at school. The characteristics of the bullying vic­tims were younger age, male, smaller physical, less neat appearance, less socialization, and less ability in school. The effects of bullying were fre­qu­en­t­­ absen­ce from school, frequent illness, low achievement, and dro­­p­­­ out from school.

Conclusion: School bullying was a negative phenomenon that harms many students. It has to be immediately overcome by involving all parties, such as teachers, students, and their parents.

Keywords: bullying, effect, students, primary school

Correspondence: IkaTristanti. Universitas Muhammadiyah, Kudus, Central Java. Email: ikatristan­ti@um­ku­­ Mobile: 081393736311.


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