The Implementation of Pharmaceutical Service Standard Policy for Accreditation of the Community Health Center in Bekasi, West Java

Wahyu Eka Arini1, Dumilah Ayuningtyas2


1)Masters Program in Public Health, Universitas Indonesia

2)Health Policy and Administration Department, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas  Indonesia



Background: The pharmaceutical practice varies in different countries and conti­nents, including developing countries, transitional and developed countries. Pharma­ceu­­­tical policy, as part of national health care policy, is concerned with the provision and use of medicines. Pharmacists are critical to the medicines management process, yet are often largely detached from policy development. This study aimed to determine the implementation of pharmaceutical service standard policy for accre­di­tation of the com­­munity health center (Puskesmas) in Bekasi, West Java.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross-sectional study conducted at several commu­nity health centers (Pus­kesmas) in Bekasi, in August 2018.  The main informants for this study were technical pharmacists. The triangulation informants were obtained from the Bekasi Health Office and the Ministry of Health. The variables under study were commu­ni­ca­tion, resource, disposition, birocration structure, support, and inhi­bi­ting factors. The data were collected by in-depth interview and observation. The data were analyzed descriptively.

Results: The Minister of Health Regulation Number 74 of 2016 concerning Pharma­ceu­tical Service Standards had been implemented in all of the studied Puskesmas. Po­licy communication had worked well. Resources in one setting were adequate, but in ano­ther were inadequate. The policy had been well implemented by the Pus­kesmas. The bureaucratic structure had produced and impelemnted the standard ope­rational pro­cedure (SOP). The supporting factors included commitment from all parties related to this policy. The inhibiting factors included inconsistent imple­men­­­­tation of the phar­ma­ceutical SOP after the accreditation.

Conclusion: The phar­ma­­ceutical service policy and standard have been well imple­men­­ted in the community health center.

Keywords: pharmaceutical service, standard policy, accreditation

Correspondence: Wahyu Eka Arini. Masters of Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indo­nesia. Email: Mobile: 081319362688.


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