Investigation of Food Poisoning Outbreak at Munjungan Wedding Party in Congkoak Village, Cirebon District, Indonesia

Cecep Heriana1), Dwi Nasititi Isawarawanti1,2), Tati Latifah 3), Asep Bambang Suhendar 3), Ade Nurlina3), Dede Kurniawan3)


1) School of Health Sciences, Kuningan

2)SEAMEO Regional Center for Food and Nutrition

3)District Health Office, Cirebon



Background: Outbreak incident was reported by Plumbon Health Center Staff to Cirebon District Health Office. Two cases were reported with symptom of diarrhea, stomachache and weak due to dehydration after consumed foods provided in the wedding party. This study aimed to describe the investigation results including the possible cause of the outbreak occurred in the party.

Subjects and Method: An observational study with cohort retrospective design was conducted in Cangkoak village, Dukupuntang Sub-district, Cirebon District, West Java, on 27 December 2018. The independent variable was the consumption of Bistik daging sapi, sambal goreng, botok roti, kentang mustopa, ikan goreng, sayur tahu, and telur asin. The dependent variables were clinical symptoms of diarrhea, heartburn, and weakness. A total sample of 60 visitors was selected for this study. All the visitors were interviewed by investigation team from District Health Office of Cirebon and Health Center of Plumbon using structured questionnaires. Attack rate (AR) and relative risk (RR) were analyzed to estimate the possible source of the incident.

Results: The visitors’ age were 15 to 44 years. Number of cases were 29. Symptoms were developed 5 to 16 hours with average of 11 hours after consumed the food prepared in the party. Foods were cooked one day prior to the wedding party in unhygienic open area and then reheated before given to the visitors. The consumption of Bistik daging sapi (AR=64.1; RR=2.44; 95%CI=0.94 to 6.30; p=0.450), sambal goreng (AR=56.2; RR=1.27; 95%CI=0.68 to 2.37; p=0.440), botok roti (AR=57.14; RR=1.21; 95%CI=0.48 to 2.64; p=0.768), kentang mustopa (AR=33.30; RR=0.75; 95%CI=0.21 to 2.58; p=0.640), ikan goreng (AR=23.81; RR=0.50; 95%CI=0.21 to 1.17; p=0.110), sayur tahu (AR=33.30; RR=0.71; 95%CI=0.35 to 1.47; p=0.340), and telur asin (AR=7.69; RR=0.19; 95%CI=0.02 to 1.29; p=0.080) increased the possibility of food poisoning outbreak.

Conclusion: The consumption of Bistik daging sapi, sambal goreng, botok roti, kentang mustopa, ikan goreng, sayur tahu, and telur asin increasing the possibility of food poisoning outbreak, but they were not statistically significant.

Keywords: Outbreak, food poisoning, wedding party/Munjungan, Cirebon

Correspondence: Cecep Heriana. School of Health Sciences, Kuningan, Jl. Lingkar Kadugede No.2 Kuningan jawa Barat. Email:


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