Promotion and Support for Successful Exclusive Breastfeeding: A Systematic Review

Ayu Egayosi Prambandari, Nidatul Khofiyah, Dewi Rokhanawati


Universitas Aisyiah Yogyakarta



Background: The first two years of a baby’s life is a critical period in the physical, psychological, and intelligence development process. Nutritional factor is a factor that influences child growth and development. Mother’s milk is widely recommended as the best way to feed babies. Breastfeeding is highly recommended by nutritionists around the world. This study aimed to systematically review the promotion and support for successful exclusive breastfeeding.

Subjects and Method: A systematic study was conducted by searching literatures using PubMed and ScienceDirect, from 2008 to 2018. The articles were reviewed by PRISMA flow diagram.

Results: Ten out of 987 articles met the inclusion criteria were reviewed. Studies reported the need to instill a professional attitude in order to facilitate breastfeeding promotion. However, the benefit of breastfeeding support had not been able to increase the success rate of exclusive breastfeeding. Establishing a nursing room at work was important. The government and private institutions strived to create a work environment that support mothers in choosing and providing the best nutrition for their babies.

Conclusion: Exclusive breastfeeding can be improved by providing support from the health and non-health professionals. Health promotion program for the success of exclusive breastfeeding can be done by creativity.

Keywords: exclusive breastfeeding, promotion, support

Correspondence: Ayu Egayosi Prambandari. Universitas Aisyiah Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Email: Mobile: 085333233385.


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