Relationship between Extroversion Personality and Depression among Athletes with Disability

Rita Untari


School of Health Polytechnics, Ministry of Health, Surakarta



Background: Hardships are faced by individuals with disability due to physical limitation, which may cause mental and emotional disorders such as depression. Previous studies showed that personality may predict the risk of depressive disorder. This study aimed to examine the relationship the relationship between extroversion personality and depression among athletes with disability.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross sectional study conducted in Surakarta, Central Java, from June to August 2014. A sample of 45 athletes with disability was selected for this study. The dependent variable was depression. The independent variable was extroversion personality. The depression data was measured by a depression scale. Extroversion personality data was measured by an extroversion scale. Correlation between variables was measured by Pearson correlation.

Results: 34 (75.6%) of athletes with disability were male, and 11 (24.4%) athletes were female. 37 (82.2%) athletes had congenital disability and 18 (17.8%) athletes had disablity by accident or disease. Extroversion personality was negatively correlated with depression, and it was statistically significant (r = -0.41; p= 0.004).

Conclusion: Extroversion personality is negatively correlated with depression in athletes with disability, and it is statistically significant.

Keywords: extroversion, depression

Correspondence: Rita Untari. School of Health Polytechnics, Ministry of Health, Surakarta. Email: Mobile: 08164278545.


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