The Development of Premarital Booklet as an Information Media to the Prospective Bride and Groom

Gita Kostania, Ade Lydiana Ahmad, Asri Ana Herawati,  Sri Yunita, Yustia Ayustina Ramdani


Study Program in Midwifery, Health Polytechnic of Health Ministry of Surakarta



Background: One of the programs launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) in reducing maternal, infant, and disability mortality rates are preconception care. This program is carried out by all countries in the world, mainly the Low and Middle Income Country (LMICs), one of which is Indonesia. The target of pre-conception care is the prospective bride and groom. The health services for the prospective bride and groom are carried out to prepare the bride and groom especially women in undergoing a healthy and safe pregnancy and childbirth and getting a healthy baby. This study aimed to investigate the development of premarital booklet as an information media to the prospective bride and groom

Subjects and Method: This was a research and development study conducted at Musuk Community Health Center (Puskesmas), Boyolali, Central Java. This study referred to Borg and Gall theory, simplified into five stages, namely product analysis, product development, material, and media expert validation test, prospective user validation test, revision and final product. The subjects of the study were the prospective bride and groom couples. The data were collected by questionnaire. The data were analyzed descriptively.

Results:  The provider and the prospective bride and groom responded positively to the use of the booklet. The validation assessment of booklet products from material experts was 88.69% with a valid category and media experts were 85.00% with a valid category. The preliminary test of prospective users was 69.8% with valid category.

Conclusion: Premarital booklet is very feasible and practical to be used as an information media in providing health services through counseling for the prospective bride and groom at Puskesmas Musuk, Boyolali.

Keywords: premarital booklet, media of counseling, preconception health services, premarital counseling

Correspondence: Gita Kostania. Study Program in Midwifery, Health Polytechnic of Health Ministry of Surakarta. Jl. Ksatrian No.2, Danguran, Klaten Selatan, Klaten 57425, Central Java. Email: Mobile: +6285643007757.  


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