Effect of Curcuma Zedoaria Extract on Testis and Seminal Vesicle Weights in White Rats

Rini Anggeriani


School of Health Sciences Abdurahman, Palembang, South Sumatra



Background: The participation of men in family planning, particularly in Indonesia, is still lacking. Men dislike condom and vasectomy. Therefore, experts are trying to find a safe way for men by switching modern contraceptives to plants that can inhibit sper­ma­togenesis. Plant that has an antifertility potential is Curcuma zedoaria (Berg) Rosc. This stu­dy aimed to examine the effect of Curcuma zedoaria extract on testis and se­mi­nal vesicle weights in white rats (Rattus norvegicus).

Subjects and Method: This was a completely randomized design (CRD) study with posttest only group design. A to­tal of 24 male white rats were selected for this study and then randomized into two groups: intervention group and control group. The depen­dent variable was testis and seminal vesicle weights. The independent variable was Curcuma zedoaria ex­tract. The rats in the intervention group were treated with Curcuma zedoaria extract in a dose of 300 mg/kgBW for 48 days. The data were analyzed by Independent Sample T-test.

Results: Testis and seminal vesicle weights were comparable and its mean dif­fe­rence was statistically non-significant indicating the success of randomization. Testis and seminal vesicle weights were lower in the intervention group than in the con­trol group, and it was statistically significant.

Conclusion: The administration of Curcuma zedoaria extract can effectively reduce tes­tis and seminal vesicle weights in male white rats.

Keywords: Curcuma zedoaria (Berg) Rosc, extract, testicular weight, seminal vesicu­lar weight, male white rat

Correspondence: Rini Anggeriani. School of Health Sciences Abdurahman, Palembang, South Sumatra. Email: Anggeriani_r@gmail.com. Mobile:  08127202482.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/the6thicph-FP.03.03

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