Birthing Ball Therapy on the Long-Term Maternal and Labor Pain Among Primigravida Mother in Private Practice Midwives, Madiun, East Java

Lilis Suryani, Mufida Dian Hardika


Academy of Midwifery, Muhammadiyah Madiun



Background: Childbirth is a physiological process which is the process of releasing the product of conception from the uterus. Normal delivery occurs at 37 – 42 weeks of gestation, where the fetus is mature. Labor cannot be separated from labor pain. Several studies have shown that in primitive societies, labor is longer and painful, whereas in advanced societies 7-14% give birth with minimal pain and most (90%) are accompanied by pain and unavoidable pain. The birth ball is a physical therapy ball that helps the delivery of the first stage to help labor progress. A physical therapy ball that helps labor progress and can be used to share positions. One of the movements is to sit on the ball and shake it to comfort and help labor progress. This study aimed to examine the birthing ball therapy on the long-term maternal and labor pain among primigravida mother in private practice midwives, Madiun, East Java.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross sectional study conducted in Madiun, East Java. The total of 40 pregnant women were divided into 20 mothers with birthing ball therapy and 20 mothers without birthing ball therapy. The dependent variables were length of the first period of labor and intensity of labor pain. The independent variables were birthing ball therapy. Data were collected using an observation sheet. The data were analyzed using a multiple logistic regression.

Results: The use of birth ball was positively associated with the length of the first period of labor (OR = 5.19; 95% CI= 1.06 to 25.4; p = 0.042) and intensity of labor pain (OR = 7.57; 95% CI= 1.53 to 37.3; p = 0.013) and they were statistically significant.

Conclusion: The use of birth balls is proven to be effective in shortening stage 1 and reducing pain intensity.

Keywords: birthing ball therapy, labor pain, maternal delivery

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