Factors Associated with Dating Behavior of Adolescents in North Coastal Line, West Java



The Agency of Research and Development West Java Province



Background: Interest to the opposite sex is one changing that is happened in adolescence. Dating behavior of adolescents can be the beginning of premarital sex that will impact on the emergence of adolescent reproductive health problems such as unintended pregnancy and STDs/HIV/AIDS. The purpose of this study was to give description of factors related to dating behavior of early adolescents in North Coastal line, West Java.

Subject and Methods: Type of this research was descriptive analytic with cross sectional design. The research was conducted in Pusakajaya Public Junior High School 1 and 2, Subang Regency. Population of this study was all of students at class VII in the selected schools. Sample of the study determined by purposive sampling technique with criteria the students ever had a lover or currently they were having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Number of respondents were 269 students. Data collection was done by interview using questionnaire as a tool. Data was reviewed using univariate and bivariate analysis.

Results:  Results of this study showed that 36,8% of the respondent had risky dating behavior, 25,7% did not live with their parent, 57,2% of them had low religiosity,74,7% had lack of knowledge in sexuality, 47,6% had negative attitude toward risky dating, 53,9% ever accessed pornography content and 48,3% had friend with risky dating behavior. Using Chi Square test to analyze showed that factors related to risky dating behavior were low religiosity (OR=44,68 ;95%CI=15,65 to 127,56; p=0,000), lack of knowledge (OR=14,34; 95%CI=5,03 to 40,87; p=0,000), negative attitude (OR=34,73; 95%CI=16,01 to 75,35; p=0,000), accessed pornography content (OR=79.02; 95%CI=23,89 to 261,33; p=0,000) and negative behavior of friends (OR=201,3 ;95%CI=47,19 to 859,04; p=0,000).

Conclusion: There was a significant relationship between religiosity, knowledge, attitude, access to pornography content and dating behavior of friends with risky dating behavior.

Keywords: factors, risky, dating behavior, early adolescent, north coastal line

Correspondence: Juariah.The Agency of Research and Development West Java Province. Jl. Kawaluyaan Indah Raya No. 6, Bandung, Indonesia. E-mail: ai_arriandhi@yahoo.co.id. Mobile: 081313452500

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26911/the7thicph.02.17

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