Synergity of Collaboration Training toward the ‘Kampung Kb Center of Excellent’ Based on Independence and Technology

Rina Sri Widayati1), Dewi Kartikasari1), Jani Kusanti2)


1)Universitas Aisyiyah Surakarta

2)Universitas Surakarta



Background: The development towards the Center of Excellent Family Planning Village, Surakarta, Central Java, demanding increased capacity and collaboration of all sectors. Activities that involve the community sector were prioritizing in improving the public knowledge about basic needs in new babies are born and increasing the capacity of adolescents in managing information technology. This study aimed to find out the knowledge, skills of family development cadres and PIK-R, and to revitalize the role of family development in the independent and technology transfer-based family planning village.

Subjects and Method: A descriptive study were conducted in Pucangsawit village, Surakarta, Central Java, in May-August 2020. The study subjects were 25 family development with infants’ cadres and 15 adolescents. The data were obtained from questionnaire, socialization, training, technology application, mentoring, and evaluation. The data were analyzed descriptively.

Results: The correct application of breastfeeding technique resulted in the majority of 55% study subjects with good knowledge. The correct practice of breastfeeding techniques obtained results that most of them had sufficient ability to practice correct breastfeeding techniques. The application of kangaroo clothes with design innovation was obtained by most of them having sufficient knowledge and ability. The Information of technology training activities showed that most of them had sufficient knowledge and abilities in designing the creativity products of the family planning village.

Conclusion: The synergy of sustainable collaborative training in the fields of health and technology will be able to increase the knowledge and ability of cadres and PIK-R.

Keywords: synergy, collaborative training, family development, PIK-R, family planning village

Correspondence: Rina Sri Widayati. Universitas Aisyiyah Surakarta. Mobile: 081329638362


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