The 119 PSC Officers Experience on Preventing Fake Calls and Overcome Referral System Obstacles

Agus Khoirul Fuadi, Achdyat Premedi


School of Health Sciences of Satria Bhakti Nganjuk



Background: The 119 Public Safety Center (PSC) Nganjuk, East Java, Indonesia faces problems in the form of fake calls and referral system obstacles. In the limited personnel and existing facilities, these problems are very disruptive the performance. This study aimed to explain the experience of The 119 PCS on facing problems in the form of fake calls and referral system obstacles.

Subjects and Method: This was a qualitative study design with an interpretive phenomenological approach. The study located in the 119 PSC office of Nganjuk Regency, East Java. This study conducted on August 31, 2020 to September 1, 2020. The study subjects were 7 participants of the 119 PSC Nganjuk Regency. Data were collected and analyzed using thematic analysis based on the Braun and Clarke approach.

Results: There were 6 themes which represent the experiences of the 119 PSC officers of Nganjuk in preventing and verify the fake calls i.e. 1) The reporter’s identity; 2) Photos of the patient’s condition; 3) The use of location sharing applications, 4) Prioritizing cellular phones, 5) Partner information, and 6) There chance of potential fake calls. There were also 4 themes related to the experience of 119 PSC officers of Nganjuk in overcoming obstacles in the referral system, i.e. 1) Calling the referral hospital directly as the fastest effort; 2) The use of partners in accelerating referrals; 3) The 119 PSC officers of Nganjuk keep on call; and 4) Monitoring the referral application and repairing the damage immediately.

Conclusion: In preventing fake calls, real-time condition verification efforts need to be implemented, the use of video call and video streaming applications on the cell phones of both the reporter and the officer needs to be optimized. Coordination with partners and referral hospitals through regularly scheduled meetings will align goals and solve problems.

Keywords: experience, fake call, referral system

Correspondence: Agus Khoirul Fuadi. School of Health Sciences of Satria Bhakti Nganjuk. Jl. Brantas 3B, Nganjuk Regency, East Java. Email: Mobile: 081335005007



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