Breastfeeding Experience in Young Mothers: A Scoping Review

Annisa Rusdi, Dewi Rokhanawati


Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta



Background: Young mothers go through the transitional stages of becoming parent and adult simultaneously. This poses a breastfeeding challenge that older mother does not encounter. The coverage of breastfeeding in young mothers was lower and the average duration of breastfeeding was shorter than that of adult mothers. The study aimed to review experience of breastfeeding in young mothers.

Subjects and Method: A scoping review framework were adapted from Arksey and O’Malley method. It consists of five stages: 1) Identify research questions, 2) Identify relevant articles, 3) Select studies, 4) Comply data, 5) Summarize and report results. The inclusion criteria were original research, published from 2009-2019, and in English language. The exclusion criteria were randomized controlled trial study, reviewed articles, and reports or books. The quality of the article was assessed using Hawker’s Quality Assessment Tool and reported by PRISMA flowchart.

Results: Eleven articles were selected from 562. The experience of breastfeeding in young mothers has been described in three mains thematic: (1) Mother decision to breastfeed were more self-centered, (2) The success of breastfeeding was supported by many factors, including feeling comfortable while breastfeeding, family and peer support, knowledge of breastfeeding benefits, and support from health workers, and (3) Obstacles during breastfeeding such as mothers feeling confined, community responses, worries about food consumption, have many roles, the assumption that babies are more satisfied with formula milk, physical discomfort, and inadequate response from health workers.

Conclusion: Experience of breastfeeding in young mothers is influenced by three aspects: 1) Decision making to breastfeed, 2) Factors that support the implementation of breastfeeding, and 3) Constraints during breastfeeding.

Keywords: Breastfeeding, experience, adolescents, young mothers

Correspondence: Annisa Rusdi. Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta. Faculty of Health Sciences Master Program of Midwifery. Jl. Ringroad Barat No.63, Mlangi Nogotirto, Gamping, Sleman district, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Email: Ann Mobile: 081275121348/089502800478


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