Relationship between Diet Restriction and Acceleration of Perineum Wound Healing in Post Partum Normal Delivery Mothers in Tiron Public Health Center, Kediri, East Java

Putri Wahyu Wigati, Dewi Kartika Sari


Universitas Kadiri



Background: There are several factors, one of which is the cultural factor that influences the postpartum mother’s experience of changing abstinence behavior from the cultural aspect, and should be encouraged. Taboo foods are well known in almost all human societies. Indirectly this can affect the level of health and recovery in postpartum mothers. This study aimed to determine the relationship between diet restirctions and acceleration of perineum wound healing in post-partum normal delivery mothers in Tiron Community Health Center, Kediri, East Java.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross sectional study conducted at working area Tiron community health center from June to July 2019. A sample of 32 respondents selected by purposive sampling. The data was analyzed by Spearman Rank.

Results: Perineal wound healing in postpartum mothers was associated with diet restrictions, and it was statistically significant.

Conclusion: Perineal wound healing in postpartum mothers is associated with diet restriction in working area of Tiron Community Health Center, Kediri, East Java.

Keywords: diet restriction, perineal wound healing in postpartum mothers, postpartum

Correspondence: Putri Wahyu Wigati. Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Kadiri. Jln. Selomangleng No 1, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. Email:


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