The Effect of Community Empowerment on The Implementation of Diabetes Mellitus Management in Malangsuko, West Java

Tavip Dwi Wahyuni


School Of Health Polytechnics, Malang, East Java



Background: Efforts to deal with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) disease require support from various parties, especially the community and family apart from the sufferer himself. The community in an effort to reduce the risk of DM disease, among others, by providing knowledge and understanding to families and sufferers directly, including empowering the community. This study was carried out by empowering health cadres by training in knowledge and skills in medical examinations, starting from checking blood pressure, anthropometry, and blood sugar. This study aimed to analyze the effect of community empowerment on the implementation of DM management.

Subjects and Method: This was an experimental study with a control group design. This study was carried out in Malangsuko Village, West Java. Total of 30 cadres were divided into 15 cadres in the control group and 15 cadres in the treatment group. The independent variable was community empowerment. The dependent variable was the implementation of DM management. Data were collected using questionnaire and observation sheet skills results. Data were analyzed using Wilcoxon test.

Results: After a post test, a total of 73% cadres had moderate knowledge and 80% had low skill in control group, while in intervention group, 73.3% cadres had good knowledge and 100% had good skill.

Conclusion: The empowerment of health cadres in Malangsuko Village is effective because it has a positive impact on knowledge and skills in early detection of DM disease.

Keywords: community empowerment, diabetes mellitus management

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