The Effect of Soybean-Palm Date Milk Consumption on Hemoglobin Level among Adolescent

Dessy Lutfiasari, Galuh Pradian Yanuaringsih

Kadiri University

Background: Anemia is a problem that affects reproductive health among adolescent. High incidence of anemia among adolescents still needs an attention. One of which is the consumption of foods containing iron (Fe). The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of soybean-date palm (kurma) milk consumption on hemoglobin (Hb) levels among adolescent girls.
Subjects and Method: A quasi experiment was conducted at the Al Ma’ruf Islamic Boarding School in Kediri, East Java, from March to July 2020. The samples obtained were 28 people who had Hb below 12 g% and were not menstruating. The sample was divided into 4 treatment groups i.e. A group (100 g soybean and 100 g date palm), B group (100 g soybean and 50 gr date palm), C group (100 g soybean and 60 g date palm), D group (50 g soybean and 60 gr date palm). The dependent variable was hemoglobin level. The independent variable was the consumption of soy- date palm milk. Data of hemoglobin levels were taken before and after the consumption of soybean- date palm milk with a ratio data scale. The other data were collected using observational sheet. The data were analyzed using t-test.
Results: Hemoglobin levels was increased from 10.24 to 12.03 (p= 0.021) in A group, and it was statistically significant. While groups B, C, and D had no effect on the consumption of soybean-date palm milk on hemoglobin levels among adolescent girls.
Conclusion: Soybean-date palm milk consumption with ratio of 1:1 increasing hemoglobin level among adolescent girls.
Keywords: hemoglobin levels, soybean, date palm, adolescent girl
Correspondence: Dessy Lutfiasari. Kadiri University, East Java, Indonesia. Email: Mobile: +62 813-3622-9675


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