Implementation of Immunization Services for the Under-Five Children During Covid-19 Pandemic at Twano Community Health Center, Jayapura

Goklian Paraduan Haposan, Pujiyanto


Universitas Indonesia



Background: Immunization service is essential in reducing infant mortality rate. However, due to physical distancing and social distancing, the Covid-19 pandemic may have reduced the utilization of immunization service. This study aimed to determine the implementation of immunization services for the under-five children during Covid-19 pandemic at Twano community health center, Jayapura.

Subjects and Method: This was a qualitative study conducted at the Twano Entrop Community Health Center, Jayapura City, Papua, from August to September 2020. A sample of informants including immunization personnel and head of community health center. The data were collected by in-depth interview, questionnaire, and document review.

Result: The immunization coverage was 43% at Twano community health center, which was far below the national target of 80%. The factors affecting immunization coverage included: (1) worries of infection; (2) parental ignorance; (3) no invitation from the health workers.

Conclusion: The factors affecting immunization coverage included are worries of infection, parental ignorance, and no invitation from the health workers.

Keyword: immunization, the under-five children, Covid-19 pandemic.

Correspondence: Goklian Paraduan Haposan. Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia. Pondok Cina, Beji district, Depok city, West Java 12345. Email: Mobile: 081344237365.


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