Age and Anxiety among Primigravida Pregnant Women in Nganjuk, East Java

Meirna Eka Fitriasnani , Anis Nikmatul Nikmah


Faculty of Health Sciences, Kadiri University



Background: Pregnancy is a natural experience faced by every woman who with healthy reproductive organs. During pregnancy, the mother experiences significant changes in physiological and psychological functions. The process of adjusting to this new situation often creates anxiety. Pregnancy can be a source of stressor anxiety, especially in primgravida mothers. The level of anxiety of pregnant women increases before the delivery process. This study aimed to determine the relationship between age and anxiety level in third trimester primigravida pregnant women.

Subjects and Method: This was a cross-sectional study conducted in July – August 2020 at Community Health Center in Jatikalen, Nganjuk Regency. A total of 32 primigravida women with gestational age ≥32 weeks were enrolled in this study. The independent variable in this study was age. The dependent variable was the anxiety level. The data were collected using questionnaire and analyzed using the Spearman Rank test.

Results: A total of 6 primigravida women aged <20 years experienced mild anxiety (76.92%) and 20 primigravida women aged aged 20-35 years experienced moderate anxiety. There was a relationship between age and anxiety level in third trimester primigravida women (p= 0.002).

Conclusion: Age is associate with anxiety level among third trimester primigravida women.

Keywords: age, anxiety level, third trimester primigravida, pregnant women

Correspondence: Meirna Eka Fitriasnani. Faculty of Health Sciences, Kadiri University. Jl. Selomangleng No 1 Kediri City, East Java. Email:


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