Acceptance and Barrier in Using Telemedicine Health Services of Hospitals Among Pediatric Outpatients: A Systematic Review

Sarah Geltri Harahap, Cicylia Candi, Adang Bachtiar


Master Program of Policy and Health Administration, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia




Background: Utilization of the telemedicine application is an alternative option for paediatric health services without a direct visit to hospitals, especially in pandemic or disease outbreak conditions. The important telemedicine services, especially for paediatric patients, need to be tackled by stakeholders and hospital management teams. This study aimed to investigate the acceptance and barrier in using telemedicine health services of hospitals among paediatric outpatients.

Subjects and Method: A systematic review was conducted by searching from Science­Direct and Scopus databases. The keywords were “telemedicine OR patient paediatric”. The in­clusion criteria were open accessed and English-language articles published between 2019 to 2020. The data were reported by PRISMA flow chart.

Results: Nine articles met the inclusion criteria. Feasibility and the easiness to use of the application, cost-effectiveness, less travel time, easy access to medicine, and effective health services were the optimal services received by paediatric outpatients in using telemedicine. The limitations of telemedicine services were lack of physical and diagnostic examinations, information for socio-demographic and socio-economic status, patient insurance coverage, direct care services, and privacy and confidentiality of patients.

Conclusion: Not all the conditions of paediatric outpatients receive optimal health services through telemedicine. An innovative approach is needed to improve telemedicine’s available health services, especially for paediatric outpatients who need direct health care without visiting the hospitals.

Keywords: telemedicine, pediatric outpatients, health services

CorrespondenceSarah Geltri Harahap. Master Program of Policy and Health Administration, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia. Email: Mobile: +628137598­5375.



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